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Version Information

Version #Update InformationFirmwareXML

Revision #: 0x20020103

  1. Feature Updates
    1. SM and PDI watchdog implemented. The motor will disable if a watchdog timeout is encountered
    2. Mode of Operation and Mode of Operation Display have been added to the Profile Mode RxPDO and TxPDO respectively.
    3. Statusword BIT12 is implemented for CSV and CSP mode. BIT12 indicates if the drive is following the commanded position.
    4. EEPROM data is included in the update and will load automatically.
    5. Revision # is updated with each release. The matching XML is required. This allows for multiple version on the same network.
  2. Bug fixes
    1. Halt bit on Homing Mode would not halt the motor when switching modes at the same time.
    2. Speed for HM and PP mode is now correctly returned. It was 1/4 or the actual value.
  3. General improvements on task handling and timing.
MYO28ECV130.hexMyostat_CM1-E (V1.3.0).xml
  1. Feature Updates
    1. F/W update through FoE in Bootstrap.
    2. Object 0xFF01 - Status LED override
  2. Bug Fixes
    1. SDO objects now available in all ESM states. In previous versions the entire
      dictionary was not available until the slave had transitioned into OP at least one.
  1. Added support for Explicit Device ID
  2. Improved SDO data transfer

Contact support

  1. Improved USB communication for
    1. Changing H gain parameters
    2. Running the motor in CML mode
    3. Updating firmware

Contact support

For information on how to update the CM1-E firmware please contact Myostat support

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